Illness is a condition where an individual experiences pain because body organs are not working properly. Some of the common illnesses include: Allergies These are immune response that is triggered by allergens when the body sense a threat of a new substance. Some of the common allergens are pollens, latex, mold pet and food. Sneezing, …

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Chronic Pain

It is normal to experience pains and aches because they indicate the nervous system reaction to indicate possible injury. However, when the pain persists there is a possibility that you are suffering from chronic pain. Chronic pain is a health condition that causes extreme pain that burns the affected areas. It normally lasts for more …

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Treating Smoking Issues

Smoking is one of the addictive habits that affect many people worldwide, both the young and the old. The best way to treat smoking issues is to stop smoking, but based on the studies, it is difficult to achieve this without help. Smoking has advanced health risks and can result to death, respiratory diseases, cancer …

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