Blood pressure

Blood pressure has been a common health condition in the past ten year. Many factors are attributed to a rise or fall in blood pressure. Normally, before any medical examination, apart from the body temperature, the doctor will always measure your blood pressure using a pressure measuring gauge. The measurement is interpreted in four stages ranging from normal blood pressure, elevated blood pressure, stage 1 hypertension and stage 2 hypertension.

Usually, normal blood pressure reads 120/80 mmHg.Evalated blood pressure has a systolic reading of 120-129mmHg and a dystonic pressure of 80mmHg.Usually, if not medically attended to, this stage cultivates into the next stage which is level one often characterized by 130-139mmHg/80-89mmHg.The last and fatal stage is stage two. Here, the patient has pressure of up to 140mm/Hg which often results into fatalities.

Modern medicine has facilitated pressure checking at home by availing cheap and easy to use pressure measurement gadgets. This helps you keep track of your own body pressure and necessitates medical attention in case of drastic or even constant changes in your blood pressure.

Lots of factors can contribute into variation in blood pressure. Lifestyle is one of the key areas that has attracted attention due to the position it has in affecting our blood pressure. Habits like excess smoking, excess alcohol consumption, too much salts and sugars all have a hand in increasing blood pressure. On the other hand, a well-balanced diet, reduced salt intake, reduce alcohol consumption and smoking can help your body maintain a steady blood pressure(normal)

Sometimes, proper health choices are not enough to maintain a normal blood pressure. At that instance, the doctor recommends some medication to the patient. Some of the medication include Thiazide diuretics which acts on your kidney to lower the levels of sodium and water hence reducing blood pressure, enzyme inhibitors that lower blood pressure by widening blood vessels and receptor blockers.

Sometimes despite all the efforts and medical prescription, lowering the pressure of the blood is impossible condition known as resistant blood pressure.

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