Illness is a condition where an individual experiences pain because body organs are not working properly.

Some of the common illnesses include:


These are immune response that is triggered by allergens when the body sense a threat of a new substance. Some of the common allergens are pollens, latex, mold pet and food. Sneezing, irritation, inflammation and running nose are some of the main symptoms of allergies. There is no specific treatment of allergies but avoiding the cause can help. Drugs like decongestants, anti-inflammatory agents, antihistamines can also help manage allergies.

Cold and flu

These are common illness that is transmitted through physical interaction. The common symptoms include headache, fatigue, dry cough, fever and pain. The treatments include decongestants, hot shower, acetaminophen and phenol.


Headache is a common disorder. It is caused by; fatigue, hormonal factors, excessive alcoholic consumption, abrupt weather changes, emotional and physical stress. Headache can be treated by; taking prescribed drugs, avoiding stressful situation, relaxing or sleeping.


It is caused by viral infection, bacterial infection which mainly arises as a result of contaminated water and improperly cooked food. Parasites which enters the body through consumption of contaminated water. Alcoholic overuse or laxatives.

The following ways can be used to treat Diarrhea; Avoiding milk based, sugary, alcoholic and high fiber content food.


It is a disorder which occurs along the digestion tracks as a result of failure of some digestive organs or release of digestive juices in excess amounts. Stomachache causes unpleasant dour smell as result of gases, example; hydrogen supplied. It causes abdominal bloating, flatulence, jabbing pain and cramps in the abdomen. Stomachache can be treated by; taking the prescribed medicine, exercise to facilitate digestion, increasing fiber content in the meals to smoothen food flow through the digestive system. It can be prevented through; Eating while seated in a relaxed position, avoid foods that triggers excessive gas release or the digestive juice.

Illness conditions are not treatable but manageable using different remedies and medications.

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